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    Inverter Failure

    Solar inverters may fail due to transients from the grid or the PV panel, component aging and operation beyond the designed limits. Following are some common reasons specific components of inverters age quickly or fail:
    Capacitor failure:

    • Electrolytic materials age faster than polycarbonate and other dry dielectric materials
    • Voltage stress
    • Continuous operation under maximum voltage conditions
    • Frequent short-term voltage transients
    • Current stress
    • High current increases the internal temperature
    • Thermal stress on component terminals
    • Improper Charge and discharge rates
    • Not operating in ambient temperatures
    • Mechanical stress
    • Vibrations

    Inverter bridge failure:

    • Usage beyond its rated operating limit
    • Overcurrent and overvoltage
    • Other malfunctioning components
    • Thermal shock
    • Thermal overload
    • Extremely cold operating temperature

    Electro-mechanical wear:

    • Component stress
    • Contamination at contacts
    • Extreme temperature conditions
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