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    How To Pick A Good Inverter?

    a) Is it legitimate?
    The first thing to look for in an inverter is to see if it complies with the relevant Standard in your area. You need to check the certificates the inverter already got.
    b) What size should I buy?
    In general, as a minimum, the inverter needs to be able to handle the maximum power that your solar power system can generate. For example, a 1.5 kilowatt (kW) solar PV system needs a grid connected inverter of 1.5 kW DC or above.
    A word of caution here to be aware that inverters are rated in DC and AC output terms. Make sure your inverter is rated to suit the output of your system in DC!
    Grid connected inverters come in a variety of shapes, sizes and weight. The smallest inverters are around the size of a large briefcase. The larger inverters are around the size of a small travel case.
    They are generally located as near as practicable to your electricity meter and should always be located in the shade for best performance. The best advice is to have a look at the inverter (or check out it's specification sheet) and see whether it will fit near your electricity meter and what it will look like.
    c) Is it weather proof?
    Some grid connected inverters are weather proof so they can be located in areas that may have some exposure to the weather. Other grid connected inverters are not weather proof and may require the addition of a weather proof cage (at extra cost to you) if the inverter is to be exposed to weather. As a general rule, your inverter is a box of sensitive electronics and the better it is protected from heat and weather, the better it will perform and the longer it will last.
    Check this out on the specification sheets or ask your retailer where they intend to install your inverter.
    d) Does it have a Warranty?
    Typically, grid connected inverters have a life span ranging form 10 to 20 years. You should expect most inverters to last 10 years minimum.
    Grid connected inverters have warranties ranging from 5 to 10 years with an increasing number of manufacturers offering pay for service warranty extension.
    So check out the Warranty on your inverter and balance this against other features of your system to help you make an informed decision...
    e) What about the display?
    Most grid connected inverters have display lights indicating whether the unit is on, off or in standby. They can also have displays that indicate some of the following information:

    • the amount of power (kilowatt hours) you have produced on a daily basis

    • the amount of power (kilowatt hours) you have produced since the unit was installed

    • the amount of power (kilowatts) the unit is currently producing

    • the number of hours the unit has been producing power
    Some of this information (e.g the total amount of power generated) is also available on your meter.

    Some meters also offer a data-logging feature so you can download information to a computer, or transmit it over Bluetooth or your Wi Fi network. This means you can either see your power information on your PC, smartphone or on a special in home display.
    f) How efficient is a grid connected inverter?
    Efficiency is a measure of how well the grid connected inverter converts the power it receives from the solar panels into power available to your home or to the grid. Most grid connected transformer based inverters have an efficiency of around 93% or better, transformerless are typically around 95% or better.
    Efficiency would only be a factor if two similar inverters had significantly different efficiency.

    Efficiency is usually listed on the specification sheet.
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