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How To Apply
Dear Customers,
If you wish to purchase our extended warranty, please apply as follows. The detailed procedures and notes will guide you through the process.
Warranty Extension Scope:
   •Warranty extension is only available within the first two years of the original warranty period.
   •Please comply with our warranty conditions. Only if you have followed the warranty conditions, can you apply for warranty extension.
    In order to guarantee that the application goes smoothly, you will need to provide the original warranty card, your invoice and the
      inverter serial number.
      If you comply with all conditions above, you are eligible for warranty extension.
Application Procedure:
     1. Please contact your dealer or installer to apply for your warranty extension.
         (For details, please phone our service hotline +86-10 6298 8159-221/222 or send your queries to warranty@kinglongpower.com)
     2. You need to provide your dealer or installer warranty card, invoice, inverter serial number, etc.
     3. Your dealer or installer will offer you the range of categories of warranty extension available and their corresponding rates.
     4. Please confirm and pay.
     5. The dealer or installer will provide you with an invoice and an activation code. (Please keep the invoice and the activation code for
          further application for warranty extension.)
     6. Login to our website to complete your warranty extension registration:
         1) Read “Warranty Extension” carefully;
         2) Register and get a user name and a password;
         3) Input your information;
         4) Input the activation code;
         5) Read the warranty extension conditions (accept and enter the next step);
         6) Upload your scanned warranty card, inverter purchase invoice and your invoice for warranty-extension purchase;
         7) Application for warranty extension is done.
Your warranty extension will be activated after our service department approval.

We will reply you on the following Thursday, and send you the warranty extension card by email.
Please note the following:
         1) The effective date starts from the day after the expiration date of our standard warranty period.
         2) In the standard warranty period, if you have bought the extended warranty but fail to comply with the warranty conditions, the
              remaining standard warranty period and extended period will be canceled.
         3) If you have bought an activation code, please activate it on the warranty extension webpage within the following 2 years after the
             end-user’s purchasing date. It will expire after two years and will not be valid for warranty extension application.
This text is used to guide you to easily complete warranty extension application only.


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