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The goal of our Service and Support team is customer satisfaction. They understand that customers want to have the peace of mind that if something does go wrong, help is close at hand.  
To fulfill this need, our Service and Support team are available to help both installers and customers on a 24 hour basis by telephone, fax or e-mail. Working closely with the Research and Development department, they are constantly looking for ways to improve both the KLNE products and the speed and effectiveness of their service to you. 
Our multi-lingual staff will assist you using all of the resources at their disposal to bring you the fastest resolution possible for your issues. 
In addition to helping answer your questions, the Service and Support Department also handle any warranty claims and extended warranty applications. Please see the following pages for details of this service. 
They are also available to provide the following: 
Project Consultancy
Technical Support 
If you have a question or issue, please have this information at hand when you call: 
Inverter Model Type
Serial No.
Installation location
Any information you have relating to the malfunction leading to the call.
Please note our Service and Support Hotline numbers:
Hotline Tel : +86-(0)10-6298 8159-221/222
Fax : +86(0)10-6298 3711- 312
E-mail : service@kinglongpower.com
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