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Who We Are
The Beijing Kinglong New Energy Technology Co. Ltd. (‘KLNE’) is an international PV enterprise. Our headquarters are in Zhongguancun Hi-Tech Park in Beijing and we have subsidiaries in Australia, Germany and Italy. We are dedicated to the research and development, production and marketing of solar PV inverters and providing the perfect power conversion and control solution for solar power generation installations. A Sino –U.S. joint venture formed in 2009, we have grown rapidly and gone from strength to strength, based on our ability to meet and satisfy the needs of our clients from all over world. Venture capital company IDG Capital Partners has invested in us because of our excellence in this field. Through our efforts we have become one of the leading manufacturers of inverters in China.
KLNE employs both Chinese and international top-level talent and the leading power equipment manufacturers in China. Our R&D engineers have extensive experience in product design, implementation and engineering service and work to continuously advance the technology involved in our products. We are fast, responsive and provide internationally certified products which can meet the requirements of the biggest and most demanding markets. Our flexible, scalable production processes allow us to respond to market demands and fluctuations quickly.
KLNE offers highly efficient on-grid and off-grid solar inverters, including  ‘Sunteams’ ,  'Solartec’ , and ‘Solo’ series, which can be widely applied in residential and commercial solar systems and pv power plants. Our products have passed international certifications such as CE, VDE, TUV, ENEL, ETL, G83/G59, AS4777 / AS3100 and others. We received a Grade A in Photon International magazine’s inverter test.
KLNE is a customer-centric company, focusing on customer satisfaction throughout the whole supplier/customer relationship of enquiry, sale and after sales support. Improvement is our constant goal and quality is our watchword. Not just in terms of product but also in communication, work processes, teamwork and service and support.  We are working toward the establishment and recognition of a brand defined by high performance reliable products coupled with high quality service and we are doing this by harnessing the talents of all the individuals within the company and working everyday towards this common goal.
Solar energy is already proving to be a popular source of renewable energy and its rise to prominence is assured. As new markets continue to open up and more people want the benefits of solar power, KLNE will help them, offering state-of-the-art inverters and continuing research to improve the products wherever possible, contributing to the concept of a 'Green Planet' and to everyone’s future.
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