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H.R. Philosophy
Since the establishment of KLNE we have always regarded our human resources strategy as a cornerstone of business development. The recruitment of high quality talent, both technical and administrative, and to nurture and encourage that talent has always been our strategy and will continue to be so. 
On the day an employee joins KLNE, their career development has already begun. We designate mentors for each employee to help them become familiar with their role within the organization and to develop their future career plan. 
We want our employees to grow in strength and skills and contribute to the fullest in their career with KLNE and our Human Resources department ensures that every employee receives all the help and encouragement they require. 
We also promote recreational activities for our staff, such as trips together and social gatherings. Our Head Office has a recreation room with a pool table, ping-pong table and running machine. We encourage staff to get together after work and foster a social relationship in addition to work.
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