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Question 1¡¢After installation, why is that the inverter doesn¡¯t produce full power?

     There may be something wrong with configuration of PV panels; the input voltage of panel might be lower than full load voltage of the inverter. If you would you please send the parameter and configuration of PV panel to us our engineer will give you the best configuration according to your information.  

Question 2¡¢Why does the inverter show nothing?

The problem lies in the following reason:
1) DC breaker is not closed.
2) The breaker contact does not connect well.
3) Anode and cathode are reversed.

Question 3¡¢Why does the LCD of inverter show Disconnect Grid when the red light is on?

The breaker of AC side is not closed. The fuse of the inverter has blown.

Question 4¡¢Would you please give me some advice about how to choose PV panel and how to make PV system?

Firstly, the total power of solar panels should be 1.1 times more than the output power of inverter. Secondly, the minimum voltage per string should be within the range of the full load voltage. Lastly, the maximum open circuit voltage and maximum short circuit current should be smaller than the specified value of the inverter.

Question 5¡¢What relevant assistant software do you provide? How can we get it?

We provide system configuration software named Sunteams Designer. You can download it from the Downloads section of this website.

Question 6¡¢How can we monitor the function of our PV system?

We provide software named Sunteams Monitor. It communicates through RS232 or RS485 by connecting the inverter to the computer. Our new product Sunteams Logger is to be released and you can achieve an easy access to the network in order to monitor your PV system all around the world.

Question 7¡¢I¡¯ve been using my inverter for 1 year. How can I apply for a 5- year warranty extension?

Please visit the Service area on this website to see the procedure.

Question 8¡¢Where is the Serial Number on the inverter?

The serial number is on the left side of the casing. There are two barcode available. If you have a warranty claim, please provide both these numbers for us.

Question 9¡¢What is the warranty procedure for a faulty inverter?

If the inverter develops a fault, please contact our service department and we will give you a timely and professional reply within 24 hours.

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