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R&D Project Manager
Your responsibilities:
1)         Being responsible for building up project teams, distributing project tasks and executing project plan.
2)         Being responsible for supervising and urging the preparation work for the project application and the formulation of the pilot test standard, and summing up and evaluating projects.
3)        Organizing teammembers to design and develop products.
4)        Monitoring projects to ensure projects’ paces and quality.
5)        Evaluating technical document of new product (components list, technical drawing, test criterion, etc.)
7)        Supervising the progress of pilot production and solving the problems in it to ensure it goes smoothly.
8)         Reviewing pilot test and making sure the tested products to go to production  smoothly.
9)         Organizing trainings and giving technical guidance to stuff in R&D dept.
Your requirements:
1)        Master degree or above, majoring in power electronics, automatic control, electronics or related majors;  
2)        Having worked in R&D of inverters and related products for more than 3 years. Having worked in the position of project manager for over 1 year.
3)        Having rich experience in project execution and management.
4)        Being good at teamwork and communication. With a strong sense of responsibility and innovation.
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