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Advanced Hardware (inverter) Engineer
Your responsibilities:
1)        Being responsible for the new product’s power electronics designing and development.
2)        Being responsible for the persistent improvement of power modules and logical modules.
3)        Making electronical design of regular test system and formulating technological documentation.
Your requirements:
1)        With master degree or above in power electronics, electrical engineering and automation or related majors. With more than two-year work experience;
2)        Being Versed in analog and digital circuits. With a strong theoretical basis and strong hands-on ability and research ability;
3)        Being Familiar with power electronics product development process. Being capable of developing products independently. With development experience in related projects.     Being proficient in reading English documents;
4)        With the work experience of researching and developing the switches of big UPS, frequency converters, inverters and telecommunication powers.
5)        If your highest degree is bachelor, you need to have over three-year work experience in inverter project development and main power circuit designing, and have strong hands-on ability.
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