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    Malaysia: 20 MW solar quota postponed

    The release of a new 20 MW quota for small-scale photovoltaic installations in Malaysia has been postponed until Q1 2013. The FIT quota is for installations smaller than 500 kW and was scheduled to be released on December 17th.

    Malaysia’s photovoltaic market has been growing steadily since FITs were launched in 2011. However, in a sign that the government is still keen to ensure the growth doesn’t get out of hand the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA Malaysia) is holding back the release of 20 MW of quotas.
    Green Prospects Asia has reported that SEDA Malaysia’s COO Ali Askar Sher Mohamad said that the delay is to "allow time for a dialogue on degression rates." The COO also added that the quota will be released in Q1 2013, "if sufficient funds become available."
    SEDA also appears to be trying to clear up some of the details in the FIT application process, by placing a two-year moratorium of FIT approval holders, who then do not meet the conditions of approval. This move is attempt to prevent “quota hogging,” under the Malaysian FIT system, where limited capacity qualifying for the FIT is available.
    (From pv-magazine)
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