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    Romanian PV Market Conference Held in Beijing

    Dec. 14th 2012 Romanian PV Market Conference was held in Romanian embassy Beijing, China.
    This PV conference was jointly hosted by Romanian PV Industry Association (RPIA) and Beijing Kinglong New Energy (KLNE). And scores of PV cmopanies and medias were invited to this event.
    Ciprian Glodeanu, the president of RPIA introduced the present situation of Romanian PV market, the legal and political environment, the permissive condition and demand of local PV project, and the relation between government and the corporate in the Romanian PV industry.
    Speaking of challenges in investing on Romanian PV projects, Ciprian Glodeanu said "Although the renewable energy support schemes can provide more yields and it’s very attractive to the development of new energy, there’re still some risks. As you all know, the volatility of the Romanian legislation and the bureaucratization of the government impede the development of renewable energy. So we need to hold the interested investors together and collect your voice to promote the development of Romanian PV industry by protecting the renewable energy support schemes ."
    Paul Nicholson, Marketing Director of KLNE said that KLNE had concerned about Romanian PV market for a long time. KLNE is a Sino –U.S. joint venture company with two wholly-owned subsidiaries and many oversea branches for sales and service. We are dedicated to the research and development, production and marketing of solar PV inverters and providing the perfect power conversion and control solution for solar power generation installations. The product range covers from 1.5kW to 1MW with designed annual capacity of up to 1 GW.
    At present, Romania is faced with the rapid development of renewable energy. Green Certificates, as the most important part of the renewable energy support schemes, makes Romania one of the best options for investment in Europe for renewable energy.
    We believe that this kind of business environment that RPIA is trying to build up will be proved to be the core platform for the development of Romanian PV industry in the future. And for the investors interested in Romanian renewable market, RPIA will provide them every kind of valuable opportunities.
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