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    KLNE Leads the Second-generation PV Inverter

    At the beginning of the new year, as a global leading provider of full range of inverters, KLNE launched the second generation PV inverters, leading the new development of the inverter industry with advanced technology .
    “The existing first generation PV inverters commonly used analog signals, which convert the DC output voltage of the photovoltaic cell array to an AC voltage with great deficiencies in interaction, system stability, and power quality. The second generation PV inverters adopt digital platform. The signal dispatch is more sensitive and accurate, significantly improved the quality of the PV system.” said Wison Qi, KLNE’s Sales Director, “Solartec D series from KLNE is such kind of second-generation PV inverters. This series uses the topology and state-of-the-art three-level module technology, and more sophiscated components, which ensure the better quality than the existing PV inverters on the market.”
    Solartec D series contains a comprehensive product line, which covers inverters for residential, commercial system, and the power plant. Solartec D series have two string MPP trackers, which maximizes flexibility and system efficiency. The new technology in this series supports the adjustable power factor and meets the VDE-AR-N 4105 standards.  

    New Favorite for Residential PV SystemSolartec D 2.5-5kW 


    The Solartec D 2.5-5kW series is suitable for various residential rooftops. As the new addition to KLNE’s string inverters, Solartec D 2.5-5kW series continues the concise and elegant design style. Transformerless, wide range of MPPT input voltage, high conversion efficiency and MPPT tracking accuracy, are the outstanding features of this series. Its graphic LCD display facilitates easy operation. And it has waterproof direct plug-in terminals and overvoltage, overcurrent and ground fault detection. The units also have functions that detect islanding, short circuit, overloading, leakage current, reverse polarity and overheating. Its IP65 protection degree will ensure that it runs well in tough environments.

    Best Choice for Commercial PV SystemSolartec D 6-8kW/10-15kW/17-20kW 
    Solartec D 6-8kW/10-15kW/17-20kW series is one of the key models KLNE brings to the market in 2013. KLNE’s R&D team invested a great deal of effort on this series, which adopted state-of-art technologies. Taking Solartec D 15kW for example, this model has got AA in the PHOTON test result with a high conversion efficiency. KLNE’s new three phase inverters include models of Solartec D 6-8kW, 10-15kW, 17-20kW, which adopted the DSP digital control technology, helping to maximize the power generation capacity of photovotaic power plants. Three-level modules assure a higher utilization of the grid, small harmonic distortion, no pollution to the power grid. Its reactive power control function supports the power grid effectively, meets the standard of VDE-AR-N 4105 and at the same time reaches Australian and European certification standards. 


     Since the launch to the market, KLNE commercial inverters have been widely used in the international markets, such as some Megawatt PV systems in Germany, Switzerland and other European countries. In the biggest photovoltaic power plant project hosted by Indonesian government this year, KLNE was the sole provider of PV inverters.   
    “In 2013, PV industry needs more technical innovation to improve the effeciency and proformance of the PV inverters. ” KLNE sales director Wison Qi said, “KLNE will continue to work on technical innovation to make a greater contribution for the technical development of photovoltaic industry.”



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