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    Report: European Commission will recommend tariffs on Chinese solar products

     The European Union could be set to impose significant duties on all imported Chinese solar PV modules and associated key components, according to various reports.

    The European Commission has reportedly reached an internal decision over provisional measures after finding evidence of alleged dumping of Chinese-manufactured panels into the EU.

    The Financial Times is reporting that the trade commissioner, Karl De Gucht, is readying punitive tariffs of more than 40%, while the Wall Street Journal has pegged the
    evel higher, at an average of 46%. Reuters is reporting that levels will be above 30%.   
    When contacted, the European Commission was unable to confirm or deny the validity of the reports. An EU trade spokesperson told Solar Power Portal: “I am not commenting on this article based upon sources. It is our legal obligation as the spokesman's office to follow this strict procedure in order not to intentionally or
    unintentionally influence the market during an on-going investigation procedure.”
    If the reports are correct, punitive duties at a level of 30% and above could cause substantial change to the downstream European solar market, especially in the UK as more than 80% of solar installed in the UK originates from China.
    Reacting to the reports, the Alliance for Affordable Solar Energy (AFASE) commented: “Punitive tariffs – no matter at what level – could cause irreversible damage to the entire European Photovoltaic (PV) value chain. Those levels now reported would cost the EU PV industry and the whole of the EU economy dearly.
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