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    KLNE&First Sunergy open Service and Support Center

    KLNE has teamed up with First Sunergy of USA and established a new permanent US subsidiary dedicated as the official KLNE center for technical support and service in Houston, Texas. The operation will also carry inverter inventory on their premises for sale and service purposes.


    With the establishment of the center, KLNE can now ship out inverters to U.S. customers in a matter of hours after receiving orders. This shortens the delivery time by weeks compared with sea freight delivery from KLNE’s factory in mainland China.


    Furthermore, customers all over the U.S. can now receive real-time support on issues relating to warranty and get technical support quickly from professionals in the inverter business. The time difference which can create problems is now gone with the inception of this new operation. The center is also able to repair or replace any inverter easily and conveniently from Houston.


    “The importance of in-country technical support and service cannot be overstated,” said Paul Nicholson, KLNE’s sales director. “Of course everyone wants a good product and expects nothing to go wrong but there should always be back up just in case something unfortunate does happen. That’s why we have partnered with First Sunergy to create this center.”


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