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    KLNE inverter receives 'A' Grades in Photon Test

    KLNE is very pleased to announce that it has achieved an “A” grade in Photon International magazine’s inverter test.
    Photon’s test report and comments will be published in an upcoming issue of the magazine.
    Wison Qi said “We’re very happy that Photon has confirmed what we knew all along – that our inverters are of excellent quality and highly efficient.”
    KLNE submitted their Sunteams 5000 inverter (part of the Sunteams range of 1.5Kw to 5Kw units) to Photon’s laboratory for testing. Photon’s testing laboratory is recognized as having high standards and their results are used as an industry standard for comparison of PV inverters.
    The unit submitted was a standard serial production unit and not a prototype. The exact same specification unit is available to purchase from the company.
    The unit achieved a European weighted average sum efficiency result of 96.6% and a Californian weighted average sum efficiency result of 97.0%.
    These results come on top of KLNE’s achievement of attaining the highest efficiency recorded in the California Energy Commission (CEC) tests late in 2011.
    “We are very pleased that our efforts have been rewarded” said Tang Ting, Assistant Chief Engineer of KLNE’s R & D department. “The results from Photon correlated closely with those from our own testing which we carried out before submitting the unit. Our team has improved Sunteams since its inception and will continue to improve the range to give better reliability and efficiency.”
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