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KLNE Monitor
The KLNE Monitor collects data from our PV-inverters.  The 7 inch touch screen lets you comfortably navigate through all graphs and tables.
The KLNE Monitor uses an energy saving CPU and is designed as cabinet mounted device.
KLNE Monitor is a stand-alone device, no additional software installation is needed.


Fundemental functions of KLNE Monitor V1.0 
>>Realtime operation parameters monitoring 
        Dash board for clear display of operation data
       Numerical display of all data
        Display of real time curves  
>>Recording of inverter data
        Storage time with 8 inverters is up to 3 years
 Displays historical curve
        Data export as .csv file. Can directly be shown in Excel  
>>Data export and data teletransmission
       Export directly to USB memory stick
       Data transmission via ftp to an ftp server   
>>The Supported Functions of KLNE Monitor V2.0
       Supports web-monitoring function
       Supports software updates via of network


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