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This system can keep 10 energy-saving bulbs with 15W working for 5 hours per day and a 5W radio working for 8 hours a day.  The AC load can keep a 33in color TV (90W) working for 5 hours, a 70W phonograph record machine working for 5 hours, a 200L fridge (180W) working for a whole day, a fan less than 60W running for 5 hours, a 300W computer working for 4 hours, two 100W laptops working for 5 hours, a 1000W water heater running for 1 hours, a 2000W electric stove working for 2 hours, and another 1000W appliance running for 3 hours. 

It can work for 3 successive rainy days. 
¡ñ System voltage£º220V             

¡ñ Output£º220VAC/50Hz
¡ñ Power: 11000VA

¡ñ Dimensions of the box: 600 X 2000 X 600mm

¡ñ Net weight: 400kg
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