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KLNE Monitor H

KLNE Monitor H is an important remote monitoring device of photovoltaic systems. It collects data from our PV-inverters. The dash board offers an overview of all important real-time system data. It can record important parameters of photovoltaic systems including AC voltage, PV voltage, PV current, inverter’s power, daily generated power, cumulative yield, etc.

The data collected by Monitor H covers AC voltage, AC frequency, PVvoltage, inverter’s temperature, inverter power, inverter’s daily generated power and cumulative generated power, etc.
Connects up to 8 KLNE inverters and saves data every 10 minutes.
Displays the communication state with inverter.
Displays daily real time curve.
Displays histograms of daily generated power.
Displays historical data.
Data export to USB storage device for easy storage of further processing.
Data transmission via ftp to a remote ftp server in the format of “.csv”.
Saves 3 months failure log.
Displays inverter’s realtime operation state.
Rings when malfunction occurs.
Mounted housing and hanging board design makes installation easy.
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