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Solartec D 10000/12000/15000/20000
The photovoltaic grid-connected inverter series of
Solartec D 10 - 20 kW are applicable to all types of commercial rooftop projects or grid-connected power plant systems. This series of inverters has 2 string MPP trackers and three level technology. These features ensure the high utilization rate of grid and maximize the system efficiency. The new technology of this series supports the adjustable power factor and grid monitoring, complies to German BDEW medium voltage guidelines, meets the standard of VDE-AR-N 4105 and reaches European certification standards including Germany’s.
  Maximum efficiency 98 %
  European efficiency 97.3 to 97.4 %
  Flexible tracking with two MPP trackers
  Integrated DC switch
  Three phase grid connection
  Reliability and long life ensured by film capacitors
  DC input voltage up to 1,000 V
  Reactive power supply
  For indoor and outdoor installation
  RS232 / RS485 interfaces as standard
  Optional Bluetooth technology
High efficiency and low power loss
  The maximum efficiency of these inverters can reach 98% and the Euro efficiency is up to 97.4 %, meaning they get more power out of
     any solar installation.
  Two MPP trackers make the tracking efficiency exceed 99.9%. The wider MPPT voltage range (250 V - 800 V) facilitates the PV module

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