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Sunteams 4000/5000(US)
The Sunteams 1500 ~5000 series is applicable to various rooftops and small scale photovoltaic grid-connected power plants. Their nominal output powers are 1.5 kW, 2 kW, 2.5 kW,
3 kW, 3.6 kW, 4 kW and 5kW respectively.

This series is transformerless and has a wide range of MPPT input voltage. Its maximum conversion efficiency and MPPT tracking accuracy reach 97.6 % and 99.5 % respectively.  The maximum DC voltage reaches 550 V. Its multilingual LCD display facilitates easy operation. It has waterproof direct plug-in terminals. It has overvoltage, islanding, short-circuit, overloading and overheating protection functions. Its IP65 protection degree will ensure it runs well in various tough environments.
These units are available with or without wirebox. 
 UL certified
¡ö  For countries with UL certification (UL 1741 / IEEE 1547)
¡ö  The CEC efficiency of the inverter can reach 95.0 %-97.5 %
¡ö  Transformerless desi
¡ö  ‘Plug and play’connection for easy installation and maintenance
¡ö  Designed for hanging with simple and easy installation
¡ö  Fanless cooling concept
¡ö  RS232/RS485 interfaces as standard
¡ö  Optional Bluetooth technology
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