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Technical Information

    KLNE announces the availability of Sunteam conversion from 4 Kw to 3.6 Kw

    KLNE Technical department has created proprietary software that limits the output of the Sunteams 4 Kw unit to 3.6 Kw. This software, when uploaded into the unit, effectively creates a 3.6 Kw unit which has G83 certification and which qualifies for the Feed In Tariff rates as designated by the U.K. government. This software is not accessible by the user and can only be changed by KLNE trained engineers.
    KLNE created this software in response to the increased demand for 3.6Kw units because of the U.K. government Feed In Tariff changes.
    However, KLNE is now shipping dedicated design 3.6 Kw from its factories to the U.K. market.

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