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Technical Information

    How to connect Sunteams inverter with PC through bluetooth?

    1. Plug a bluetooth module into inverter’s RS232 interface.  The power adapter (DC5V) will supply power to the bluetooth module as the following figure.
    2. Plug  bluetooth adpter into PC’s USB interface as figure 2.
    Figure 2. Plug  bluetooth adpter into PC’s USB interface
    3. The bluetooth icon will appear in the taskbar as figure 3.
    Figure 3. Bluetooth icon

    4. Click bluetooth icon. The bluetooth menu will pop up and click on “Add a Bluetooth Device” as figure 4.
    Figure 4. Add a Bluetooth Device
    5.  “Add Bluetooth Device Wizard” prompt pops up and tick to choose “My device is set up and ready to be found”. Click on “Next” as figure 5.
    Figure 5. Add Wizard
    6.  “Add Bluetooth Device Wizard” prompt pops up and the system will search bluetooth signals automatically as figure 6.
    Figure 6. Search Device
    7.  When search is completed, all the devices found will be shown as figure 7. Choose bluetooth module.
    Figure 7. Select Device
    8. Click on “Next” and the following prompt appears. Choose “Let me choose my own passkey” and input “1234” as figure 8. Click on “Next”.
    Figure 8. passkey
    9. The passkey checking and matching will be proceeded automatically as figure 9. If passed, click on “Next”. If not, click on “Back”.
    Figure 9. Exchange passkeys
    10. When the previous step completes, the bluetooth device has been successfully connected to the computer. The serial ports assigned to your device will be shown as figure 10. Remember “Outgoing COM port”. Click on “Finish”.
    Figure 10. Finish

    11. Via the COM ports, the inverter’s realtime data can be monitored by Data Control software. For the details on Data Control operation, please refer to Data Control Operation Guide.
    Figure 11. DataControl
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